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Domestic Gas Leak DetectorDomestic Gas Leak Detector

Residential Gas Detector

TINSELPRO Gas leak alarm is a kind of wall-hung household gas alarm designed to detect the concentration of combustible and toxic gases or vapors. It Provides audible signal when the gas concentration reaches presenting range, remind you take prompt favaourable action, you may start up other llink equipment, ventilate gas or shut off gas supply to avoid Fire, explosion, and other evil accident. The alarm are available for NG ( CNG,PNG,LNG) & Combustible Gases.


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Technical Specification

Additional information

Alarming Method

Natural Gas

Operating Temperature

0 to 55 C

Operating Humidity


Display Mode

Led indications

Detected Gas

Natural Gas

Sound Level

<80 dB

Power Supply

230V AC/ 12V DC/ 24V DC




<11mA ( in meausring condition) < 7mA ( in non measuring condition) in 12V DC

Optional Function

Relay output for Gas shut off valve, exhaust fan, Input to cenral security system.

Gas Option

Home Gas

Gas Option



230v AC

Product Description

  • Once power is switched on, Green and Yellow LED will be on.
  • Yellow LED will be on for two minutes . It is sensor’s warm up time.
  • After the two minutes Yellow LED will be off and Blue LED will be gas.
  • When LPG gas leakage and reaches preset level, Buzzer will produce blinking.
  • When gas concentration goes low to preset level unit returns to normal.
  • Test button is given for manual testing of gas detector alarming mode.