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Turning the detector ON/OFF

To turn the unit on, press and hold the ‘ON/OFF’ button until the gas type and version number appears on the display. The detector will power up and begin a warm up routine which includes tests of the display, audible, visual, and vibrating alarms. Following this brief warm up, the detector enters the gas readings mode signified by the gas concentration and gas identifier icon. To turn off the detector, simply press and hold ‘ON/OFF’ for five seconds (five beeps).

Changing the Batteries

When the battery voltage is low, the instrument’s display on the display of the battery symbol blank space, prompted to change the battery. To change the battery, simply insert the supplied Phillips screwdriver into the battery door, rotate a few turncounter clockwise, and remove battery. Install new battery, being sure to observe proper polarity. Replace the battery door and turn clockwise with Phillips screwdriver. Warning: Replace battery only in non-hazaidous locaion. Substitution of components may impair intrinsic safety.


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Technical Specification

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Product Description

Shelf life 1 year Visual alarm Sound and light vibration alarm
Instrument dimensions 50*97*30.5mm Display Liquid crystal display
Operating temperature -10-50 C Detection technique Instantaneous alarm
Operating humidity 15%-95% RH (non condensation) Battery 3AAA/7 alkaline batteries