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Industrial Gas Detector –Flameproof

This industrial TYPE3 gas detector comes with the Flameproof housing is CODE & CMRI approved, displays digital representation of gas concentration in the atmoshphere. TINSELPRO wall-hung gas detectors designed to detect gas leaks and avert gas accidents thus saving precious lives and property. It provides an audio (optional ) & visual alarm ( Early warning ) in case gas leak concentration reaches a preset level and alerts you to take promt action with indicative PPM level. Our product has a special provision of relay wire which can be connected to the solenoid value to shut off gas supply when it starts alarming.


SKU: TP-3054

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Technical Specification

Additional information

Detecting Principle


Measurement Range

0 to 999 PPPM



Operating Temperature

0 to 55 C

Operating Humidity


Display Mode

Seven Segment

Alarming Method


Power Supply

230V AC/12V AC/24V DC


4 Kg


<200mA (in measuring condition) <75mA ( in non measuring condition) in 12V DC

Optional Function

Relay output for Gas shut off valve, exhaust fan, input to central security system.

Gas Option

LPG, PNG, LNG, CNG, CO, CH4, NH3(C), NH3, H2


12v DC, 24v DC

Product Description

Detector Operation

  • When the power is supplied to the detector, it starts a count down operation from 999 to 000. And all LED indicators light will be on parallel condition. It is sensor’s warm up time.After the count operation sensor stabilizers itself in according to the gas present in the environment.
  • Our detector raises the alarm at predefined PPm level by default. the RED alarm light will startblinking and the buzzer will give alarming sound. If the Detector is reaching preset PPM level, or anywhere close to it, “You should take Preventive Measure”.