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Industrial Gas Detector –Flameproof

This series of TINSELPRO gas detection transmitters adopt the most advanced ultra-large scale integrated circuit technology and care designed by the international standard intelligent technology level. It is a completely intelligent gas detection transmitter designed by digital and analog hybrid communication technology. The intelligent gas detection transmitter has advanced technology, excellent performance, high stability, communication and self-diagnosis functions, easy installation and maintenance, and the advanced performance of typical intelligent field monitoring instruments has been fully demonstrated which greatly meets the needs of industry. On-site safety monitoring requires high reliability of equipment. It is widely used in petrolium, chemical industry, metallurgy, refining, gas transmission and distribution, biochemical medicine and other industries. The instrument is compatible with various control alarms, PLC, DCS and other control systems, which can realize remote detection, control and alarm.


SKU: TP-3053

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Technical Specification

Additional information

Measurement Range

0 to 100% LEL


1/0.1% LEL

Operating Humidity


Operating Voltage

Power ripple <20mV

Display Mode

Liquid Crystal Display with real-time data and system status

Output Error

<80 dB

Relay Capacity

<1% (4-20mA part)


DC 48V 1A AC 250V 1A

Low Level

19.5% VOL

High Level

23.5% VOL

Gas Option



24v DC

Product Description

Director Operation