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Portable 4 in 1 Multi Gas Leak Detector

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Portable 4 in 1 Multi Gas Leak Detector​

The portable voice type four-in-one gas detector(hereinafter referred to as the detector) is a safety type device that can continuously detect the concentration of leaking gas, using advanced integrated circuit technology, embedded microcomputer control, high quality imported gas sensor, excellent sensitivity and excellent repeatability; using high-resolution TFT display, support English interface, with voice prompts, users can quickly understand this product, easy to use and maintain; the housing is made of high-strength engineering plastics, high strength, good seismic performance, high-grade appearance and dust-proof, waterproof and explosion-proof function.

The detector is widely used in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, refining, gas, biochemical medicine, agriculture, fire protection, archaeology and other industries and places that need to safely monitor toxic, harmful and explosion-proof, the detector can effectively predict and alarm of dangerous gas concentration, ensure the safety of the workers is not threatened and the production equipments is not damaged.

SKU CODE : TP-4052


Detection GasesMeasuring RangeLow Alarm PointHigh Alarm PointResolution
Response time≤30seconds
Display error≤±5%FS
Protection leveIP65
Indication modeLCD display real-time data and system status, lightning, vibration, live voice prompt
Working power supply2500mA rechargeable polymer battery
Working temperature-20C~50C
Operating humidity≤95%RH without condensation
Working pressure-30kPa~200kPa
Detection methodDiffusion

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